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We established Great Southern Point Repairs in Williams W.A in 2010. A business that started off in our back shed at home, grew enough that in 2012 we moved and rented a shed that became available in town. In May of 2018 we took the big step into our very own, brand new premisies, custom built to do our repairs etc.


We offer the Farmer a point rebuilding service that prides itself on the following details:

* value for money- Big blocks of tungsten at a fair price

* Points that are commonly outlasting the originals

* Customised point design- Longer, shorter, angle change etc

* Fully guaranteed workmanship

* Fast turnaround of your points

* Freight to most W.A agricultural areas. S.A and Victoria can be arranged.

New Generic Points Now Available

We can now offer Farmers a range of brand new, high quality cast "Generic" Point, that when fitted with our long lasting tungsten, will out perform the originals. We are happy to ship these to the Eastern States, SA and Victoria etc.

SeedbeddeR Wear Adjustable Points Now Available

A new point design to give the Farmer exceptional life while maintaining digging depth. Suitable for most "C" tyne machines and others. Check out the SeedbeddeR page on this website.


Great Southern Point Repairs


Marjidin Way

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