Rebuilding Knife Points

We can rebuild most makes and models of points. 

Points such as:

* DBS - Bolt on, all sizes

* DBS Pro-D, all sizes

* DBS Closing Tools- 30mm, 50mm, 65mm

* Agmaster NTII series 16mm, 12mm, Low Throw

* Agmaster NT08 series 16mm, 12mm

* Maxi Point- Dyna Blades

                  - Slot Mates

* Stiletto - Straight

              - Hooka

              - Seeding Boot 

* Seedhawk - Seed Points

                  - Fertiliser Points

* Root Boot

* Conservapak

* Morris Contour 1 & 11 including Agmaster versions

* Seedmaster- Seed

                    - Fertiliser

* Groundhog- DBS style Points

* Boss Engineering

*Parra Link

* Ag Point

Our rebuilds once fitted up with either our "High Impact" Tungsten blocks or our Premium "Long Life" blocks will give you a point that is now common to out last the original points, not just by a few hectares but commonly up to 1000 or more hectares. Based on your "own machine" with "original" points fitted alongside. 

Rounded Top Tungsten

Our Rounded Top Tungsten and Rounded Corner Tungsten is far superior than square edge tungsten in rocky conditions, especially when the points are new.