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SeedbeddeR Wear Adjustable Point

Farmers if your thinking of upgrading yourpoints or your complete seeding machine, then consider the SeedbeddeR wear adjustable point.

This point is designed to be adjusted down once partially worn, which when done results in full digging depth once again.

It is designed for "Quick change of position" with "R-clip" protection built in.

Optional is a "set in place" liquid fertiliser adaptor. The big advantage of this is points can be adjusted down and or fully changed, without even touching or disturbing the liquid fertiliser line.

Points also have a built in "Wear Indicator", a handy guide to let you know when to make an adjustment. 

Another advantage of this adjustable point is it allows for a full depth till, while keeping the seed at its optimum seeding depth. Digging depth can be independent to seeding depth. Ideal for small seeds such as Canola etc.

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